Transfer/Recycle Site

2533 County J, Mercer WI

  • Sticker System-- Updated Garbage Drop Off
    • Buy a colored sticker related to the size of bags you want to throw away-
      • $1.50 Blue Sticker- 20 gallon bag or less
      • $2.00 Yellow Sticker- 21-40 gallon bag
      • $3.00 Red Sticker- 41-59 gallon bag
      • Stickers can be purchased at:
        • Mercer BP
        • Snow’s Family Market
        • Mercer Town Hall
  • Still honoring previously purchased stickers and Blue Bags
  • Dumping Only during posted hours, Violators will be fined

Garbage Pickup
At this time curbside pick-up is available from Waste Management at 888-960-0008.

Please contact Jerry Huffmaster at 715-904-0246

Recycle Guidelines

What you can recycle: paper, cardboard, cartons, plastic containers, glass, some metals.

Hadley Brush Pit

Located off Popko Circle East on Hadley Road

  • Yard Waste & Brush / Hadley Brush Pit - Opens Tuesday April 9th

    Hours of Operation
    Monday through Sunday

    NO COMMERICAL Dumping!

    Only items listed below will be accepted:

      • Pine needles, leaves, twigs, and general yard raking
      • Tree trimmings and brush up to a maximum diameter of 4 inches
      • All brush to be cut to a maximum length of 6 feet

    All debris to be placed where the signs direct
    Disposing of non-acceptable items is considered littering and is punishable by a $250 fine.

    Hadley brush pit is for residents of Mercer and persons with property in Mercer only.

    *Reminder this is a brush site and anything larger than 4 inches in diameter will prompt us to close the site

Summer HOURS : May 25th - September 3rd
Closed  Memorial Day, July 4th, Loon Day, Labor Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

HADLEY BRUSH PIT : Opens Tuesday April 9th

Mon. - Sun.