Voting & Elections

Important Dates for the November 3, 2020 Election

September 17 Absentee ballots mailed out. After this date we will process each absentee ballot request within one working day. All ballots need to be returned to the clerk’s office by November 2 or to the polling location, the Community Center, on November 3.
October 14 at 11:59PM- Deadline to register to vote online or by mail (postmarked)
October 20-30 at 5PM- In person voting in the Clerk’s office. Please call to set up an appointment and make sure to bring identification
October 29 by 5PM- All absentee ballot requests must be received by the Wisconsin Elections Commission or here in the clerk’s office
October 30 by 5PM- Deadline to register to vote in the clerk’s office. You can register to vote on Election Day at the Community Center
November 3 7AM-8PM- Election at the Community Center

Sample Ballot

Click Here to view a Sample Ballot for the November 3, 2020 Election

Upcoming Elections

Elections are held at the Community Center 7am-8pm

November 3, 2020-- General Election

To check the status of your absentee ballot or check your voter history

For additional information on how to vote absentee click here

Previous Election Results

August 11, 2020 Partisan Primary

Click here for results

May 12, 2020 7th Congressional District Special Election

Tom Tiffany          375
Tricia Zunker         234

State of Wisconsin Government Accountability Board

The State of Wisconsin Government Accountability Board has all the forms available for download at their web site. Below are links to some of the most requested forms.

GAB-121 Absentee Ballot Request

GAB-131 Voter Registration Application