Shay Dam Reconstruction

The Town and Engineer have scheduled the start of dam reconstruction for after the 4th of July. However, the exact completion date will depend on the contractor’s schedule, the weather, and the amount of concrete damage uncovered during construction. Areas of the dam not requiring low water levels for repair will be under construction in July and August while upstream portions of the dam repair should occur in September. In general, lowering water levels 2-3 feet in Fisher Lake for the upstream portions of the dam repair will occur as late in the summer as possible to accommodate lake residents. A tentative target date for the beginning of the lake drawdown has been set for September 5th. We have asked the Engineer to give us a two week notice before dropping the lake. Once we receive notice, we will immediately provide residents with the information on the Town’s website ( Once lowered, it is likely that lake levels will remain in a low water condition until the following spring.