Road Limit Restrictions will be lifted on April 29th at 7AM Hadley Brush Pit open on April 29th

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting has been rescheduled to Thursday April 22nd at 5PM at the Mercer Community Center.  Please look at the agenda/meeting section of our …

Hadley Brush Pit Opening Date

The Hadley Brush pit will be open the day after the road limits are lifted. The garage had planned on opening the brush pit on …

Updated Clerk’s Hours For the Week of April 12th

Monday through Wednesday: 8-2

Thursday and Friday: Closed

April 6, 2021 Election Results

State Superintendent

Underly  200

Kerr  246

Court of Appeals Judge District 3

Cveykus  168

Gill  220

Town Board Chairman

Sendra  272

Town Board of Supervisor

Schmidt  192

Snow  364

Roberts  253

Town Clerk

Hohner  385

Town Treasurer

Kelly L. Joustra  …

Type C Notice of Referendum PRAT April 6, 2021

type c notice referendum-PRAT-2021

Park Board Openings

Town of Mercer Park Board Members

The Town of Mercer is seeking letters of interest for 2 or possibly more Park Board member to serve a …

Adjusted Clerk’s Hours

The Clerk’s office will be open Thursday March 11th through Friday March 19th from 8-Noon.

Road Limits

Road limits will go into effect at Noon on Monday March 8th on all town roads.

Bids for Lawn Mowing

Mowing Bids 2021